NOVEMBER 10-19, 2017

Meet Albemarle CiderWorks’ Cider Maker

After retiring in 2005, Chuck Shelton moved from North Carolina back home to Virginia to help with the family’s new business, Vintage Virginia Apples. He became interested in fermentation and started creating small batches of cider. After consulting with other cider makers and experimenting on a smaller scale, he and his siblings started Albemarle CiderWorks. He has remained at the helm of the cidermaking side of the operation, creating craft ciders that highlight the natural flavors of the apples.


Vintage Virginia Apples orchard was founded in 2000 by the Shelton family. What began as a hobby grew into a thriving business. In 2009, they opened Albemarle CiderWorks. Their craft cider is pressed and fermented on the farm. They have several dry blends but their main focus is single varietals inspired by the over 200 varieties of apples in the orchard.

Ciders Available

Albemarle CiderWorks currently has a variety of ciders available including six single varietal ciders. Our ciders are crisp and dry.


2545 Rural Ridge Lane, North Garden, VA 22959