NOVEMBER 10-19, 2017

Meet Buskey Cider’s Cider Maker

Harrison Barronian brings his brewing experience and passion for fermentation to Team Buskey and handles production as well as playing a major role in strategic planning. Matthew Meyer, a founding partner Buskey Cider and a UC Davis Fermentation Alumnus and former Napa Valley winemaker, brings his extensive wine, distribution, and business experience to an otherwise young team. Buskey Cider was opened by 26-year-old entrepreneur, William Correll, who graduated with a degree in Economics and Commerce with a focus in Entrepreneurship from Hampden Sydney College.


Buskey Cider opened in April 2016 in the popular craft beverage neighborhood of Scott’s Addition in Richmond, Virginia. Focusing on semi-sweet and off-dry ciders, Team Buskey’s background in brewing and winemaking influence the unique and innovative ciders it released in its first half year of production as well as all the exciting plans for the future. Buskey is currently distributed in Richmond through Loveland Distributing and in Hampton Roads through Chesbay Distributing, and is excited to continue expanding throughout the state. Buskey produces refreshing, drinkable ciders from 100% Virginia Apples and offers a wide array of fruit and hop infusions. #GetBuskey


  • RVA Cider – semi-sweet cider, flagship
  • Tart Cherry Cider – made with cherries
  • 45° and Trying – off-dry cider
  • Citra Dry Hopped – dry hopped with citra hops
  • Nitro! Cider – cider put on nitrogen, rather than CO2
  • Summer Shandy Cider – made with lemon juice

Available In The Tasting Room

  • Barrel Reserve #4 Cider – Aged for 10 months in whisky barrels, a collaboration with Virginia Distillery Company
  • Jalapeno Lime Cider & Earl Grey Ginger Cider – in line infused ciders with fresh produce